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Education Television

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Melissa, Crystal, Alejandra, Jennifer

This is a page for our group project where we

can edit and communicate with each other...KEEP OUT!


Evolution of Children’s Educational Television


I. Introduction – History of Educational Television


II. Issue #1 – Has educational television become more engaging and entertaining? Jennifer

III. Issue #2 – How the changing ideas of childhood have influenced educational television and vice versa. Crystal

IV. Issue #3 – Educational television in schools and home. Melissa (Bill Nye)

V. Issue #4 – How skills taught through educational television have changed. Alejandra (PBS Ready to Learn)

a. i.e. communication, social, reading, etc.

VI. Conclusion




-Bill Nye the Science Guy


-PBS Ready to Learn Program




Cathlena's comments


This looks good as an outline. Be sure that you can define "educational TV" as compared to "TV." We can talk more about it Monday.

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