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Group Project-Dr Seuss

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Group Project




Dr. Seuss Empire


I. Biography

A. Early years

B. College

C. Specific Life Experiences that Helped Shape Work

II. Works

A. Transitions

B. Adult-Child Divide

C. Political

III. Alternative Media

A. Movies

B. Seuss as a Brand

C. Seussical the Musical

D. Seussland




Group members

  • Laura
  • Chelsey
  • Amanda






  1. Source 1
  2. Source 2
  3. Source 3
  4. Source 4


Source NamePage #Quote
Encyclopedia of Stars44, 46"The stars are the heavens"



PatSunday, 4pm-8pm



Keep your drafts here so you can refer to earlier versions.


Draft 1

Draft 2

Dr Seuss Group Project

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